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Home Valet Program


Purple Plier’s Home Valet Program provides our clients peace of mind in ongoing property maintenance. The service is simple: you select from the list of services, and we make sure they happen throughout the year.

Home Valet customers receive 10% off of Purple Plier rates, and have after-hours emergency access at normal service rates. The Home Valet service is provided at a modest $20/month.

Preventive Maintenance Inspection (PMI)

To kick things off, we will conduct a free top to bottom, inside and outside; curb to alley inspection of your home. We inspect all exposed plumbing, walls, ceilings, floors, brickwork, siding, gutters, roofing, fencing, and sprinkler systems as part of this process. The inspection results in a written report of noted exceptions.

Management of Maintenance Schedule

Purple Plier provides ease of mind by managing your annual maintenance schedule.  We will  proactively contact you to set up times for selected home services requiring property entry.

Discounted Service Rates w/ Lock-in

Home Valet customers enjoy 10% off our current service rates.  In addition, we will lock those rates during the term of your contract, regardless of any rate increases that occur during the contract period.

After Hours Scheduling of Service Calls

Your days are busy… sometimes the only time you have to talk is after work. Call up until 9:00 PM to request our services.

After Hours Emergency Services

In emergency situations, Purple Plier is by your side.  Home Valet customers enjoy 24/7 service response, and pay no additional service fees for after-hours work.

Priority Scheduling

All Home Valet customers are given preference in work scheduling, especially when emergency repairs are needed.

Access to Endorsed Local Providers (ELPs)

Purple Plier has developed a list of ELP’s from our direct business contacts or those of our customers. An ELP is a company that offers services not directly offered by Purple Plier, yet is one that we know will provide a reliable, quality service at a reasonable price for our clients. Access to this private list is ONLY available to those home owners who have enrolled in our Home Valet Program.


Your Home Valet enrollment is transferable to a new home should you move from your current location as long as the new home is within our service area.


Enrollment in the Home Valet Program provides the following benefits to a home owner:
Peace of Mind

Knowing that your home is being maintained to the highest standard possible gives peace of mind, and reduces operating costs. Our professional technicians, using our free Preventative Maintenance Inspection, can give a homeowner a feel for what areas of their home may need work done to prevent high-expense problems before they happen.


Home maintenance is simple:  just let us know what services you would like, and we will manage the schedule!  For unscheduled work, such as leaky faucets, locksmithing or drain blockages, you have number to call. And with your Home Valet preferred scheduling, you can  be sure your repairs will get done when you need them.

All Services, One Call

While we have expertise in a majority of the services, we sometimes bring in other professional help for more specialized work such as HVAC. In this case, finding the right company who will deliver a service quickly at a reasonable cost is simple. Just contact Purple Plier for access to one of our Endorsed Local Providers.

Fair Pricing and Low Program Cost

Fixed rates ensure that you know what hourly rate will be charged for the duration of the contract. The cost of enrollment in our Preventive Maintenance Program is just $10.00 per month, paid a year in advance.