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Lawn Care

grassA healthy lawn and landscaping gives pleasure to your life and increases the value of your home. For most people, mowing, edging, pruning, feeding and weeding can be an overwhelming challenge. If this sounds familiar, Purple Plier can help.


The upkeep of your lawn looking great takes a lot of time and effort.  Sure, you could do it yourself, but with your busy and active schedule why spend so much time working on your lawn?  Our crew will be on your property with the know-how and the right equipment week to week to keep your grass cut, trimmed, and looking its best all season.

There is nothing more unsightly than grass or weed overgrowth on your sidewalk, driveway, or other pathway.  Our crew will edge your property to ensure that you get a perfect finish every time.  Your property will always look well-manicured and looked after!

Tree Trimming

Adhering to safety standards set forth by the industry for trees and workers, our expert crew provides the best in corrective pruning and regular tree trimming. Our personal touch and shaping of your trees and shrubs insures the uncompromised health and appearance of your landscape.


Dethatching helps your lawn. Thatch is buildup of dead grass and organic matter that helps to create runoff of both water and nutrients so they can’t make their way into the soil thus preventing your lawn from getting the things it needs to grow and thrive. A thick buildup of thatch also promotes diseases that can harm your lawn. Dethatching your lawn helps to loosen the very upper layer of soil to allow better seepage into the soil of the good things you add to your lawn.


Core aeration is one of the most valuable services Purple Plier can provide for your lawn.  Aeration removes the cores (or plugs) of soil across your lawn, allowing moisture, nutrients and oxygen to reach your lawn’s roots more easily.  Aeration will also help to break up the thatch layer (which can block water and nutrients and provide a home for insects and disease if gets too thick).

fertilizerFertilization helps to add nutrients to your lawn for adequate growth.  Throughout the changing seasons, your lawn will need five to six applications to accommodate changing climates and growth periods.  A proper combination of aeration, fertilization, and mowing will create a full, healthy, and green lawn.


If your lawn doesn’t seem to respond to fertilizer treatments like it used to, or patches of yellow grass that refuse to turn green again, try our overseeding treatment.  Overseeding can effectively strengthen and repair your lawn’s base layer turf without having to dig or replace with sod.

Yard Clean-up

fall-leavesLet Purple Plier quickly take care of all your spring and fall cleanup efforts.  Keep your weekends for yourself as we prep your lawn to flourish all spring and summer, or rake your property free of leaves before the winter months.  While you’re busy in the interior of your home, leave the exterior to us.

Sprinkler Maintenance
Like a car motor that has sat idle for several months, your sprinkler system needs to be properly tuned and checked before trying to water any part of your landscape. Purple Plier sprinkler technicians have been trained to use a system of checks and testing to ensure your sprinklers, controller box, timer, valve zones, and circuits are all working properly.

Sprinkler Winterization

It is important to winterize your sprinkler system to avoid costly damages done by water expansion during the cold months. At Purple Plier we will blowout each zone of your system with high-power compressors, and treat your system with the time necessary to perform a thorough winterization.

Sprinkler Turn On


During a sprinkler turn on, we check all sprinkler heads for proper coverage and proper working order.  We then set your clock for you, and make any recommendations you may want to implement to better irrigate your landscaping.

Sprinkler Repair

Not sure what’s wrong with your sprinkler system? Have one of our technicians come out, do a thorough diagnostic on your lawn system to find out exactly what’s wrong, and give you an estimate on any necessary repairs.

Snow Removal

Nobody has the time or the desire to shovel snow, and that is where Purple Plier can help.  Our snow removal services will keep your driveways and walkways clear and passable so you don’t have to.